Some thoughts as I watch Dustin Johnson self-destruct at the U.S. Open…

1) I’m now in the mood to play some golf – haven’t picked up my clubs in about a year or so, but now being out on the links looks appealing.  I need to find someone to play with who isn’t that good, though.

2) This past issue of Amazing Spider-Man, which began the “Grim Hunt” story-line (Kraven the Hunter is coming back from the dead – yeah, I know, what took them so long?) raised the religion/God issue in the Marvel Universe again.  Kraven’s children are leading a black-magic ceremony to raise Kraven from the grave and it requires the sacrifice of another “spider” character; in this case it’s one of the Spider-Womans (the 90s version, proving once again that all things 90s are expendable).  The interesting thing about this scene is that Electro, a long-time Spider-Man foe, is there and expresses some misgivings about being part of the ceremony before going through with it (“I believe in God, and this nonsense…”).  Also, the Spider-Woman in question, just before she is stabbed through the heart while on the altar, recites the Catholic Hail Mary.

It’s odd to me whenever writers attempt to address Christianity (or any other real religion for that matter) in the Marvel Universe – I mean, this is a universe where Greek and Norse gods roam the streets.  How does this fit into the religious practices of everyday Marvel universe people?  You go to church to pray to God and outside there goes Thor, god of Thunder, off to do battle with Annihilus or some other super villain.  That HAS to screw with your sense of who/what God is.  I’ve seen it explained that the populations don’t necessarily buy into the idea that Thor is THE Thor (merely someone who has that kind of power) or Hercules is THAT Hercules, but still…how does one pray to a relatively distant God when there are god-like beings on the news every night?

3) It’s Father’s Day, one of those made-up holidays that serve no real purpose but to increase Hallmark’s bottom line.  I don’t need the holiday to tell me I’m appreciated as a father…

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