Ran 2.7 miles this afternoon…

…here are the songs that ran through my ipod while doing so:

“Fucking Hostile” – Pantera (not the best running song, particularly at the beginning of the run – might have to take that one out)

“Whatever” – Godsmack (you know, the edited radio version takes away something from this song…oh yeah, the f-bomb)

“Houses of the Holy” – LZ (really got me going when Plant started wailing “Said there ain’t no use in crying…”)

“Medicine Train” – The Cult (Sonic Temple’s one of the best rock albums out there – underrated song on the album known for “Sun King” and “Fire Woman”

“Falling to Pieces” – Faith No More (this one’s been on my iPod since I was training for my half-marathon; still like hearing it while running)

“Turning American” – The Wildhearts (the bridge to the chorus about killed me as I was near the end of my route and it’s damn heavy.  Here, listen for yourself:)

2 Responses to “Ran 2.7 miles this afternoon…”

  1. Juggernaut Says:

    It’s “Turning American”, dammit. Watch the typos.

  2. dammit – fixed.

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