So I stopped at a late yellow light…

…on my way to work the other day.  The driver in the Suburban ahead of me had tapped her brakes before going through the light so I had already slowed down on approaching the intersection and, seeing that I’d be going through an early red if I gunned it, decided to stop.

That’s when driver in the truck behind me honked his horn.  I crane my head around to take a look and see Mr. Patience raising in his arms in frustration.   I was not the bigger man – I mouthed a few choice comments his way and then turned back to wait for the green light.

Of course, as I make the turn and drive onward, the driver of the truck decides he has to roar down the road in the left lane to pass me.  But there’s a red light not even a quarter mile later so he has to stop and wait…again…while I drive past him to take a right turn.

As I passed him I rolled down my window and proceeded to send some sarcastic comments his way – to my credit I did NOT flip him off.

There are times that I really hate people.  One of these days someone is going to catch me on a very bad day at exactly the wrong time and his bad day will begin.

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