So I’m on the last half mile of my run tonight…

…and I’m running up a street a couple blocks from my house when I see a purse on top of a car, apparently left there by accident. I don’t want to stop my run as I’m making pretty good time (for me) and I’m bare-chested and sweaty (ladies, don’t get excited – I’m married). So I decide to run back home and get a shirt on, drive back and be a hero to the nice lady who lives there.

I get back to the house and tell Laura what I saw – she thinks I should have got the house number so she could have called; the people might not open up this late at night. I assure her that they’ll answer the door – it’s not even 9:15, and I pull a shirt on and hop in my car to go save this lady a few moments of panic the next morning.

As I drive back up the street I spot the purse from a distance – it looks a bit “flatter” than I remembered it when I ran by not five minutes earlier. Then it starts stretching its legs and cranes its neck to look at me as I drive on by, round the corner, and head back home.

In my defense, it was dark and there were no street lights close by. Fat orange cats look like purses in the daylight, too.

2 Responses to “So I’m on the last half mile of my run tonight…”

  1. Just so you know, seeing you running around shirtless outside the high school one day was the absolute most awkward/disturbing moment of my junior year.

  2. LOL. I would take that as a tip to run with a shirt on.

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