No Shave November at the high school.

One of my good friends (and fellow teacher) was somehow able to convince our principal to promote a “No Shave November” contest among students and faculty this year. Actually, the “somehow” isn’t too difficult to understand – the proceeds are benefiting another faculty member (and friend) who has been diagnosed with both bladder and prostate cancer.

No Shave

Here’s the ad for the event. If interested in helping out, contact me.

Now, I’ve never been able to grow a beard.  My attempts at such have been limited to a week’s worth of goatee growth on several occasions, but my own sense of vanity ended those attempts.  Okay, my wife’s aversion to facial hair also had something to do with it.  I  have at times coveted my friends’ facial-hair prowess (I’m looking at you, BRP, Scott F.,  and Mark H.), and my dad can grow a beard at will, but I’d console myself that because I don’t have a beard, I look much younger than my 41 years and, hey, Cap doesn’t have a beard.  Okay, that last one’s pathetic.

But I am not alone – my twin, of course, has the same problem (though he has recently made it past the “this looks awful” self-doubt phase and is sporting a goatee these days), and my younger brother hasn’t really committed himself yet (though, as the spitting image of our dad, he’s bound to get started soon).  Another good friend at the high school (J-Roy) is worse off than me; I recall being able to count his chin whiskers after two weeks of dedicated growth. But because he’s J-Roy, he’s convinced me to join with him to form a team in League One: “Team Patchy.”

This means I’ll be attempting to grow a full-on beard over the next month.

This also means I’ll  be sleeping on the couch starting about next Wednesday, I imagine.

Wish us luck.


One Response to “No Shave November at the high school.”

  1. What an awesome fundraiser! Wish Chis could play…

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