My Uncle Leroy – a story

My uncle, Leroy Hahn, passed away from Alzheimer’s last Saturday at the age of 86. He was a farmer his entire life and as his son Bobby said at Leroy’s funeral today, an intuitive mechanic who had an innate ability to solve the problems he faced as a working farmer (Bobby related a story about Leroy combining two tractor engines to get more power, resulting in a tractor with four large drive wheels and an elaborate setup involving two clutches that had to be engaged in the correct order).

When I was younger I found Uncle Leroy…intimidating (to be honest I still found him intimidating when I was 45). He was a huge man – I suppose a lifetime working the land will result in that, and I know my brothers and I marveled at the size and strength of his hands. My dad – eleven years younger than Leroy who as a boy worked for Leroy in the fields – related a story about Leroy that stuck with the three of us about Leroy’s strength, and I thought I’d retell it here.

It may be a bit apocryphal, and as Adam said the other day, I hope nobody tells me if it’s actually not true.

It seems Leroy was attempting to loosen a bolt and broke a wrench in half while doing so. The wrench having come from Sears, and thus holding a lifetime warranty, allowed Leroy to return it and get a replacement.

In talking to the Sears sales rep, the rep looked at the broken wrench and agreed it should be replaced, but added to Leroy, “Yeah, wrenches will often break like that when you use a cheater bar.”

Now, for those who don’t know the term, a “cheater bar” is a piece of pipe that would be placed over the handle of the wrench, which would then offer more “torque” in attempting to loosen a tight bolt or valve. Using these kinds of things would probably void the warranty of the wrench as well, but I think the rep just thought he’d call Leroy on it a bit.

Leroy told the rep he didn’t use a cheater bar. When the sales guy looked unconvinced, Leroy asked, “You have a vice here?” When the guy nodded, Leroy had him get another wrench and tighten it in the vice. That done, Leroy took the wrench in both hands and 1-2-3, jerked hard and – BAM – broke the wrench in two. With his bare hands.

“I didn’t use a cheater bar.” Leroy got his replacement wrench.

Of course, Leroy HAD been using a cheater bar when he broke the wrench, but I guess he felt he needed to prove a point.

Dad told us Leroy’s arms were sore for days afterward.


Leroy loved his family and God, and I saw this every time I was around him. Alzheimer’s is a horrible disease, and to hear how it affected him this past year makes me understand his passing is a blessing. I know Leroy’s enjoying a long deserved rest now…

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